Pastor Profile

First Philippine Baptist Church is patiently awaiting the full time Senior Pastor that God has prepared specifically for us.  This pastor will be called out by the Holy Spirit to faithfully lead us during a time such as this. Although God’s thoughts and ways are above our own, we have prayerfully determined the general characteristics we prefer in a servant of this position.

  • Meets the biblical standards for spiritual leadership
  • Affirms the Baptist Faith & Message adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention
  • A graduate of an accredited evangelical seminary, Bible College, Bible School, or have equivalent experience
  • Previous pastoral experience where characteristics of a servant leader and shepherd are plainly evident
  • A man who has not been divorced previously.  If he is currently married, his wife has also received a clear calling from the Holy Spirit to partner in this particular ministry
  • Supports the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT) and Union Baptist Association (UBA), and be a liaison for our church
  • Most importantly, our next Senior Pastor will have an urgency to minister and evangelize to Filipinos and those that admire the Filipino culture and reside in the Greater Houston area
This is the man of faith we are praying for and are joyfully expecting to answer the call. Pray with us, he is coming soon. Please submit resume at
Church Profile
The US census of 2010 ranked Houston as the 4th most populous city in the US. Of the large metropolitan areas, Houston is the most ethnically diverse city in the US. Three Houston suburbs – Sugarland, Missouri City and Pearland, are leading regions in ethnic diversity.
Among the ethnic groups, the Filipinos are the second largest Asian American population in the US. Only second to Mexico, the overseas Filipinos are the largest immigrant group. The 2010 census show that Houston alone has 2.5 million Filipinos. Combined with Sugarland Missouri City, Pearland, Katy, and Baytown, the Filipino American population numbers 5.9 million.

Nestled in the middle of these cities is the First Philippine Baptist Church. It carries a Houston address and zip code, but is physically situated at the edge of Missouri City and only a few minute drive to Pearland, Sugarland and Katy. Seven years ago, when FPBC was looking for a new area to relocate, little did anyone know that God would choose a strategic location in the middle of these communities that are heavily populated with Filipino-Americans and Filipino migrants.

FPBC is composed of about 80-90 families. Results from a recent church survey in December 2014 showed that 65% of its members are in the age group of 25-64, of which 60% are employed. Fifty-three per cent are married, and of those married, 63% have children below 18 years old. The church is blessed with many children. In the past 5 years, attendance in Vacation Bible School reached over 80-100 children. The children and youth ministry remain among the top priorities of the church. Seventy-five percent of the members have completed college education or higher. FPBC is a commuter church. Over 50% of the member drive 21-45 minutes or more to attend worship services, weekly prayer meetings and other activities. Some may drive past 6 churches to reach the church. Hence, great importance is placed in strengthening existing satellite bible studies, training more satellite group leaders, and establishing additional groups in different locations in the Greater Houston area. FPBC is committed in seeing its members grow in discipleship and evangelism. It is a missional church. It has been involved in ethnic ministries in Houston. Globally, the church had arranged two mission trips to the Philippines in 2011 and 2014 to share the gospel, to feed indigent children, to help build homes and provide medical care to the underprivileged, to rebuild churches that were destroyed by natural disasters, and to provide training to local pastors in evangelism and discipleship. One of the great strengths of FPBC is its sense of family. The church loves to fellowship around food and meals.

FPBC is praying for a dynamic senior pastor who has God’s heart and vision for Filipino Americans and Filipino migrants in the Greater Houston area. It seeks for a senior pastor who will lead the church in a deeper understanding of the Word of God and of love for Him. It seeks for one who will lead the church to a higher level of obedience in launching out to reach the Filipino American communities in Houston and the surrounding areas.