Dear Parents,

Come aboard the VIRTUAL VBS adventure!

Climb aboard for mountains of fun at VIRTUAL Rocky Railway VBS! On this faith-filled adventure, kids between 5 &11 years old discover that trusting Jesus pulls them through life’s ups and downs.
So mark these dates on your calendar: August 3-7,2020 (Monday to Friday). It will be held in the comforts of your own home via electronic device! The fun starts at 11:00 am and will end at 12:30 pm each day.
ALL participating kids must have VBS Fun Pack before the VBS begins. The VBS Fun Pack will include all the supplies your child needs to do fun activities with our station leaders who will be demonstrating online!
Parents must pick up a VBS Fun Pack at First Philippine Baptist Church (15002 Hillcroft Ave, Missouri City, TX 77489) either Sunday, July 26 from 12pm-3pm or Sunday, August 2 from 12pm-3pm. This will be a drive-thru operation with minimal to now contact!
For more information, please contact Lauren Kay De La Calzada at or call (713) 534 2681. Or click the button below to register online now!


Lauren Kay De La Calzada

Your Rocky Railroad VBS Director


What Moms, Dads & Participants Had To Say About Joining The VBS…


having fun with action songsAs one of the first-time attendees for First Philippine Baptist Church VBS, I can not be more pleased with VBS. All three of my children loved it and came home singing all of the songs they sang. They came home everyday explaining to me what they learned that day and they could not wait to go back the following day. Since VBS my children have been actively going to church and enjoy going to church every Sunday and love being involved in church activities and I cannot be anymore pleased that they enjoy it. They can not wait for next year’s VBS @FPBC!” Priscilla Zapata, mom of Anayah (5 y.o.), Kalista (8 y.o.) and Devante (9 y.o.)

“Thanks! This is her first VBS and she is very excited about it. So far she is having a good time. Thanks to all of you!” Mylene Adrias, mom of Chloe (5 y.o.)

yard fun“I know Jesus loves me because He’s been with me my whole entire life ever since I was born. He’s been with every single person. My favorite parts of the VBS were the KidVid Cinema and Untamed Games!” Trevor Smith, (10 y.o.) VBS participant “They came home singing the songs & sharing what they learned – thanks! They are enjoying themselves!” Melissa DeBose, mom of Carmelo (9 y.o.), Saniyah (7 y.o.) and Jaibreaun (9 y.o.)

“I know Jesus loves me because He’s given me all the super cool stuff….What I learned in VBS today is that no matter what, Jesus loves you!”Nikolas Rustrian, (10 y.o.) VBS participant




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More VBS Parent Testimonies …

fun activity“My children learned a lot from joining the VBS. It helped improved their ability to interact with fellow children, boost their confidence and the most important is that they learn a lot about how good Jesus Christ is!” Ian Tan, dad of Jared (9 y.o.) & Jaiden (3 y.o.)

“Maddie had a great time at VBS. She made friends and learned about Jesus’ love and promises. She also had wonderful crew leaders who took great care of her. She can’t wait to attend VBS again next year!” Tracy Daguitera, mom of Maddie (pre-school VBS)

“Our son was very blessed to be with friends in VBS and sharing his testimony with the church. He benefited from the experience of being under a group leader – that was good training for him!” Ivy Hefner, mom of Luke (7 y.o.)

“My daughter really enjoyed Glacier Games. She also enjoyed Imagination Station because she was able to take “cool” stuff home. She also really enjoyed the Bible stories and being able understand the lessons it teaches!” Lindley Manalo, dad of Emma (9 y.o.)

science experiment“Hannah is and was inspired in all DVBS sessions here at FPBC. She loves to sing all the songs. She rehearsed all of them weeks before and we are inspired with that as parents. We love the excitement, dedication and devotion Hannah shows for all she does. It is an inspiration for us to do the same in serving God!”

– Myrl Escuban, mom of Hannah (11 y.o.)
“Both my kids Kaylani (age 8) and Mekhi (age 6) loved it! They had a blast and learned so much about how important it is to keep Jesus first in their lives and to “Follow Him!!!” They are quoting things they learned well after VBS graduation. Thank you for making them feel so at home at a Church they had never been to before!. Thank you for everything!”
– Vinitha George, mom of Kaylani (8) & Mekhi (6)
“…After the second day she was telling me about Jesus and how he walked on water. She loved the dances and songs she learned throughout the week and still dances and sings them to this day. VBS made a huge impact on her this year and I’m sure she’ll love to attend again next year.”
– Charmine Pflueger, mom of Charlotte
“My kids absolutely loved it! They have learned so much about the love of Jesus. They memorized their memory verses, sang all the songs and made many friends! We loved the “Talking/prayer points” where we, as parents learned what they have gone over to reiterate the stories, memory verses, and the focus on each day. My kids especially enjoyed the activities, games, the singing and dancing! I would highly recommend attending VBS at FPBC to other parents!”
– AJ Flora, mom of Natalie (9) & Aiden (6)
Lauren Kay De La Calzada
Your Rocky Railroad VBS Director