Community Bible Study Groups
Discover how the Bible could be of immense benefit to you throughout the week. Learn more about the Word of God and encounter a life-changing experience!
We have regular Friday Bible Studies for youth and adult groups. Please contact the church office for meeting venues.


We also have satellite Bible Study groups which meet every week. These cater to believers whose schedule and/or area of residence prohibits them from joining our regularly scheduled Bible Studies. Satellite Bible Studies are encouraged to build closer and deeper fellowship among believers while studying the Word of God together.

Come and Join Us

Below is an overview map of Houston, TX and the surrounding communities. The green push pins represent the different Bible Study Groups and their general geographic areas. Although Bible Study venues may change since these are held on group members’ residences, the map is provided to assist in locating a group that is accessible. Place your mouse over a group location to view the group coordinator contact information. Follow the link to view details of the individual Bible Study group.

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Bible Study Groups
Houston Downtown