prayer-ministryLife after Death
Man is designed to be an immortal being. Not in the physical realm but in the spiritual realm. The question is “where are you going to spend your life after death — Heaven or Hell?”. Heaven and hell are real places. You don’t want to risk not knowing the difference after you die or taking the chance that “you thought you knew”. Your life here on earth is the only opportunity for you to make that decision. The bible is very clear on this.

                            “…it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment”                                                                                                                                                   – Hebrews 9:27
The World’s Current Death Rate

Over 150,000 people die every day. Confronting the mortality of the world around us (as well as our own mortality) can lead us to reflect more earnestly about our priorities – and provide us with a sense of urgency of purpose.

Statisticians have calculated the “mortality rate” for the world to be roughly .883 percent. This means that 1 out of every 113 people in the world died last year.

Based on this rate, here is an estimate of the incidence of death among people now living in the world:

  • 1.78 deaths per second
  • 107 deaths per minute
  • 6,390 deaths per hour
  • 153,000 deaths per day
  • 56.0 million deaths per year
  • 3.9 billion deaths per average lifetime (70 years)

Of course, these numbers are based on inductive generalization and therefore are not infallible; however, the fact remains that people are dying all around us and sooner or later our time will come too. However, we are not without hope. If you want to know for sure, click on the link below where God’s plan will be explained to you through a presentation.