FPBC Integration Plan


A plan for visitors and members to get connected to the body of Christ, follow Jesus, grow spiritually and make disciples.



Our Vision
A community following Jesus, joining God’s redemptive plan and movement in the lives of people in our city and world.
 Our plan consists of 4 stages:  Gather, Grow, Give, Go.


We commit to worshipping together by gathering every Sunday.

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teachings and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42

-We will gather to worship God in spirit and in truth

-Asking the Holy Spirit to lead us through our worship service at 10am in person or online

-We gather to study God’s word through our adult and youth Sunday school at 9am

-We will encourage everyone to fellowship through hanging out after the church service at Coffee & boba shops

-We invite anyone to join our sports fellowship and ministry after the church service
We commit to become part of the body of Christ at FPBC through membership.

-Membership class offered regularly

-Introduce Community Groups, to see which one is the right fit

-Introduce church ministries

-Connect w/ discipleship ministry to find a mentor

-Connect w/ children’s ministry

Connect w/ youth ministry




As we mature in Christ, we give of ourselves through our spiritual gifts, time and finances.

-Training to serve Jesus

-Identify spiritual gifts

-Direct them to volunteer at a church ministry according to their spiritual gifts

-Serve in any capacity in a church ministry

-Church ministry training: 

Evangelism/how to share the Gospel
How to read your bible
How to pray
How to teach an Inductive bible study
How to preach
How to teach in Children Sunday school
How to plant Bible studies

How to plant a Church

We commit to serving God in ministry and making disciples.

-Send them out to share Jesus & make disciples

-Help guide and support God’s call in their lives through leadership development

-Be a part of Community Groups: In training to lead or plant a new Community Group

-Be a part of Discipleship ministry: In training to become a discipler or mentor

-Serving in a church ministry

-Be part of the Servant Leadership Team

-Training to serve in a future leadership capacity

-Training for biblical studies for a future call to ministry