The True Witness

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Dear Church. We have such a great feasting with the Word of God last Sunday through HIS servant-son, Elder Eric Belarga. God’s word shall not return to HIM void! Amen! It is our prayer that we all continue to come to HIM with sincere hearts and renewed devotion as we mature in our faith journey. May we all catch the encouragement and fire of the Holy Spirit to exercise the richness of our ‘living faith,’ in realms that honors, elevate and pleases our Lord! Our past sermon series was driven to underscore the supremacy [and worthiness] of our soon coming King; Truly, loving, and obeying Him through our ‘acts of faith’ are valuable tokens of our appreciation to the rich-and-awesome grace HE has given us through his beloved Son. This Sunday, we will be looking at what the apostle James have to say about living out your faith in the life of a true believer. Only those who have qualified their faith in Christ [internally and externally] are ‘True Witnesses.’