Why Pray?

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Hi Church. Once the disciples asked our Lord how to pray. Our Lord was so gracious to lift up a prayer to the Father that impacted the lives of the early disciples and the whole world then and now! God Almighty has a “will” and the fervent and humble prayers of his children has brought about “the kingdom of our Lord here on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Although one could argue that this truth is not obviously appreciated by the evidence of todays existing crisis [in nations; communities; households and individuals etc.], blinded people are looking elsewhere and in the wrong direction not knowing that God’s Kingdom and will as a whole is being accomplished! The prayers of the Saints has been one of the ‘engines’ in calling the Lord’s will to happen! Have you been speaking to the mountains lately?! The book of James contains spiritual truths about the significance of our prayers. Join us this Sunday as we take a closer look at this powerful privilege and weapon called prayer. Pastor Elvin