May 2017

Why Pray?

Hi Church. Once the disciples asked our Lord how to pray. Our Lord was so gracious to lift up a prayer to the Father that impacted the lives of the early disciples and the whole world then and now! God Almighty has a “will” and the fervent and humble prayers of his children has brought about “the kingdom of our Lord here on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Although one could argue that this truth is not obviously appreciated by the evidence of todays existing crisis [i

The Church Every Pastor Is Looking For

The True Witness

Dear Church. We have such a great feasting with the Word of God last Sunday through HIS servant-son, Elder Eric Belarga. God’s word shall not return to HIM void! Amen! It is our prayer that we all continue to come to HIM with sincere hearts and renewed devotion as we mature in our faith journey. May we all catch the encouragement and fire of the Holy Spirit to exercise the richness of our ‘living fait