January 2018


Introduction to Sermon Series Go, Disciple and Grow. What is Discipleship, who is a disciple of Christ.

September 2017

After Hurricane Harvey (1 John 3:16 -18)

Hurricane Harvey left us all with feelings of discomfort, fear, and despair.  But God, being rich in mercy, answered our prayers. He never abandoned us in the midst of this great storm.  Most of us are fortunate because there are many other people in our state that were greatly affected- families who have lost loved […]

August 2017

Comfort & Suffering (2 Corinthians 1: 3-11)

We all have experience comfort and suffering in our lives. Maybe you are currently going through some trials and suffering? As followers of Christ, how do we respond to this season of suffering? As followers of Christ, how can we help the people around us who are suffering?  Join us this Sunday as we discuss […]

Raised With Him (1 Corinthians 15: 1 – 11)

Do you believe that Jesus rose from the grave? Do you believe you will also rise from the grave? Join us this Sunday as we unravel the truth to these questions and look at the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

July 2017

Mistaken Identity (1 Corinthians 4 – 9)

God calls His people to be a light to the world. As followers of Christ, we have a new identity in God. But when we fail to exhibit our new identity, we then have mistaken identity- one that reflects the sins and darkness of the world. What do we do when we have a crisis […]

Living Sacrifice (Romans 12)

I imagine you have found yourself at some point in your life where you sacrifice your time, energy, money, heart, and passion on a career, significant other, friends, dream. But in the end, it still left you empty, hurt, and lost. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage you are in your relationship […]

Mercy (Romans 9: 14-18)

Who will be saved? Did we choose to be saved? Why are some not saved? Why did this tragedy happen in my life? Why does God choose to save some and not all? Is God impartial and unfair? These are some of the most difficult questions that we all have asked at some point in […]

May 2017

Life On Mission