July 2017

Living Sacrifice (Romans 12)

I imagine you have found yourself at some point in your life where you sacrifice your time, energy, money, heart, and passion on a career, significant other, friends, dream. But in the end, it still left you empty, hurt, and lost. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage you are in your relationship […]

Mercy (Romans 9: 14-18)

Who will be saved? Did we choose to be saved? Why are some not saved? Why did this tragedy happen in my life? Why does God choose to save some and not all? Is God impartial and unfair? These are some of the most difficult questions that we all have asked at some point in […]

June 2017

Work In Progress (Romans 8: 1-17)

This coming Sunday, we will be meditating on the subject of Sanctification. Brother Lester has made a very clear exposition on the definition and impact of this subject in the lives of those who had actually profess to follow Christ. I was given the privilege of leading all of us in the second part of […]

Sanctification: Death To Life (Romans 6: 5-14)

One of the reasons atheists do not believe in God is because they cannot accept miracles. In order to believe in miracles, you have to consider the supernatural or the metaphysical, and atheists are only limited to what they can observe with their five senses. Last Sunday at FPBC, a miracle happened – the dead […]

Say So (Psalm 107:1-3)

Judgement Day

(Romans 1-3) Can we agree to disagree? There are quite a few points of contention between denominations about many aspects of our faith and how to live it out, even to the point of accusing others that disagree of not being saved.  I always wondered why Christians would argue so vigorously on these perceived differences […]