Living Sacrifice (Romans 12)

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I imagine you have found yourself at some point in your life where you sacrifice your time, energy, money, heart, and passion on a career, significant other, friends, dream. But in the end, it still left you empty, hurt, and lost. 
It doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage you are in your relationship God, or if you really don’t have a relationship with God. 
We sacrifice our bodies and give all our devotion to a career, significant other, friends, family, dreams, for the hope that it will give us purpose, the meaning of life, love, happiness, and peace. The truth is though some are good. It will never truly give us our purpose, true love, joy, and peace that transcends all understandings.
Here is the great news for all of us whether you are not a follower of Christ or if you are. This Sunday we will learn the answer to what truly gives us purpose, true love, joy, and peace. We will learn how to be a living sacrifice for God! 
Text: Romans 12

Pastor James