Sanctification: Death To Life (Romans 6: 5-14)

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One of the reasons atheists do not believe in God is because they cannot accept miracles. In order to believe in miracles, you have to consider the supernatural or the metaphysical, and atheists are only limited to what they can observe with their five senses. Last Sunday at FPBC, a miracle happened – the dead were made alive. I’m not talking about the physically dead, but those who were dead in the spirit, were made alive by the power of God’s word through the mighty work of the Holy Spirit. Although it is always an amazing event to witness God’s redemption of man and to imagine the rejoicing in heaven, it should not surprise us that God is accomplishing this redemptive work each and every day. The question to those who accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior last Sunday, and to us who have been justified by His blood is, “what’s next?” “What do I do now?” “I often hear about God’s will for my life, so, what is His will for my life?” “If I have been saved, how come I keep on sinning?” “How long will it take till I become a perfect person and no longer sin?”
Let us prepare our hearts and minds as we look forward, with anticipation, what the Holy Spirit is going to reveal to us this coming Sunday, as we feast on God’s Word. We shall taste and see that the Lord is Good.
For His Glory Alone.