June 2017

Work In Progress (Romans 8: 1-17)

This coming Sunday, we will be meditating on the subject of Sanctification. Brother Lester has made a very clear exposition on the definition and impact of this subject in the lives of those who had actually profess to follow Christ. I was given the privilege of leading all of us in the second part of […]

April 2017

Keep The Faith

Whenever I read Hebrews 11, somehow I wonder, will our name be mentioned in that long list of faith’s hall of fame if it is to be written again hundred of years from now? What does it take to have faith described in that chapter? This coming Sunday, we will revisit the meaning of faith […]

January 2017

The Story of Boaz, The Kinsman Redeemer

First of all, who is Boaz and what is a kinsman redeemer? How is this passage of the Bible (Ruth 3) still applicable to our modern era? Let’s look into the characteristics of a kinsman redeemer and why our Lord Jesus was alluded as such. Let’s see how Boaz, as a kinsman redeemer, affected not […]

August 2016

7 Habits Of Effective Worshippers


May 2016

The Sharpest Iron Of All


January 2016

Expanding The Kingdom


October 2015

Not Quite Time For Quiet Time

August 2015

God Of Creation

June 2015

Character Of Grace

April 2015

Steps to Spiritual Advancement