March 2017

Incompatible Couple – Story of Hosea and Gomer

Dearest Bride of Christ. The story of Hosea and Gomer is a mirror of what God has in ‘actuality’ gone through to save us all from the market of sin and shame. This true story is likened to the John 3:16 of the Old Testament that displays the ultimate love of the LORD for his wayward bride. […]

February 2017

The Lord of the Ring


I Will Go (A Perfect Match) – Story of Rebekah

It’s funny to think about the difference in attitude when faced with different objectives.  Many drag their feet when getting ready for school or work, or doing chores, studying, or taxes. How things change when the destination is a party, or meeting friends, or collecting on a winning lottery ticket.   In Genesis 24, the […]

The King of the Bride

Happy Valentines Day!  As I think about the handmade presents my children have made for Michelle, I am reminded that the gifts cherished most are made personally.  I wonder what skill set a husband could use that would impress his wife without fail, because I just can’t compete with my kids on their level.  Would […]

The Bride of the King – The Story of Esther


The Jewish Wedding


January 2017

The Story of Boaz, The Kinsman Redeemer

First of all, who is Boaz and what is a kinsman redeemer? How is this passage of the Bible (Ruth 3) still applicable to our modern era? Let’s look into the characteristics of a kinsman redeemer and why our Lord Jesus was alluded as such. Let’s see how Boaz, as a kinsman redeemer, affected not […]