July 2017

One Body, Many Parts (1 Corinthians 11-14)

Recently I paid $1.25 for gasoline, drove as fast as 110, and received more than $2 in change whenever I made purchases in cash.  Of course I’m talking about my family’s recent trip to Canada where they sell gasoline in litres, drive in km/hr, and use $1 and $2 coins in everyday transactions.  Context really […]

June 2017

Judgement Day

(Romans 1-3) Can we agree to disagree? There are quite a few points of contention between denominations about many aspects of our faith and how to live it out, even to the point of accusing others that disagree of not being saved.  I always wondered why Christians would argue so vigorously on these perceived differences […]

April 2017

Immutable God

Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever” What does it mean that God is immutable? – Imagine that you are in a medical waiting room with your children and something inappropriate starts to show on the waiting area TV.  You have no remote, no controls on the TV are accessible, […]

February 2017

I Will Go (A Perfect Match) – Story of Rebekah

It’s funny to think about the difference in attitude when faced with different objectives.  Many drag their feet when getting ready for school or work, or doing chores, studying, or taxes. How things change when the destination is a party, or meeting friends, or collecting on a winning lottery ticket.   In Genesis 24, the […]

The King of the Bride

Happy Valentines Day!  As I think about the handmade presents my children have made for Michelle, I am reminded that the gifts cherished most are made personally.  I wonder what skill set a husband could use that would impress his wife without fail, because I just can’t compete with my kids on their level.  Would […]

July 2016



January 2016

Walking With The King


November 2015

Our Hope

August 2015

Seeing God

May 2015

The Fruit Of The Spirit